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"try something different. Surrender." RUMI

Yoga for Kids & tweens

These classes are designed to teach children yoga asanas (poses) and mindfulness practice in an age appropriate context. Each class focuses on building body awareness strength, flexibility and balance in a fun, engaging practice. Games, stories are often used to teach children the ability to help manage their stress/anxiety and shift their focus to a more positive self-image and view of the world. No experience necessary. Childrens’ Classes Only available during the school year. Summer Camps are offered each summer during the summer months.

Yoga for Adults & Teens

Studio5 offers Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga Classes for Adults & Teens. Whether you are interested in trying yoga for the first time or looking to deepen your practice we are open to finding a class style to suit your needs. Classes include focus on building body strength & balance while utilizing breath work (Pranayama) to alleviate stress. Whatever it is that brings you to your mat, you will experience 60 minutes of uninterrupted time to stretch, connect, strengthen and restore body & mind.  No experience necessary. 

Specialty Yoga classes

Studio5 offers Yoga Classes for specific Yoga needs. We specialize in Yoga for Athletic Teams & Individuals looking to cross train to avoid overuse injuries and create muscle balance and flexibility. We offer sessions for Private & Corporate Groups as well as 1:1 Yoga Instruction. Semi-Private or Family Yoga. All available upon request.  Pricing by class type will vary.

Yoga CAMPS & Parties                 

Studio 5 offers Yoga Parties for all ages. Whether you are looking to do something fun for a friends birthday or hold a birthday party for your child, we will work with you to help you craft the perfect experience.

Summer Camps for Kids (ages 3-12) are offered each summer. Contact us for details.